Friday, December 30, 2016

Helpcard maker for Houdini

Help card maker for houdini from Cetras on Vimeo.


   - Fix folders and multiparms random order.
   - Only one instance per multiparm is added to the parameters help grid.
   - Added handles on the left side of widgets to reorder widgets.

This is the first version of "Helpcard maker" for Houdini 14 to houdini 15.5.

To install it follow these steps:

- Download the lastest zip archive of the tool on my github deposit: ( github => GJpy )

- Go to your HOME folder/houdiniXX.x and unzip the file in here, you should have now few new files and folders:


- Launch Houdini, you'll have the Helpcard maker pypanel available and should be able to directly add a help card maker tab.

Any issue or install troubles, feel free to drop an email:

This is the first release of the tool, a lot of new features will be added shortly such as link to other pages, vimeo video, new widgets and more !