Saturday, April 30, 2011


My demoreel 2011, CG Artist / TD :

Modeling, Texturing, shading, lighting, rendering & compositing


- Maya ( MentalRay, Vray, Renderman )
- 3dsmax ( MentalRay, Vray )
- Houdini ( Mantra )
- Nuke
- Photoshop
- Mari
- ...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tips: Change the color of shadow with Houdini

Today we will use the powerfull shader of Houdini to change the color of the shadow.

So fist, create a Mantrasurface in the material palette and assign it to your object which will receive the shadow.

After that go to the SHOP level, double clic on your mantra surface to see the nodes of the shader. Add a "shadowMatte" node

We will use the alpha output of the node, that we will multiply with a color, so we have to convert the alpha ( Float ) to a vector ( like a color ) with the help of a "Float to vector" node. We will also create a "Multiply" node and connect the output of the "floattovec1" to the first input of the multiply node. For the second input of the multiply you'll middle clid and choose "Promote Parameter", a little circle beside the input is created.

Select this circle and in the parameters windows change the type to "Color" and rename it to "ShadowColor" (Name and label)

After that, create an "Add" node just after the "DifuseColor" output and plug the "multiply" ouput to the second input of the Add node :

Now you can use the shadow color ! For now, the parameter is in the bottom of the parameters of the shader to change that clic on the icon on top right and choose "Edit parameter interface"

 Move the parameter from the bottom of the list to where you want, for instance, in the "diffuse" folder :


 Now you can change the color of the shadow receveided by a object with its shader :


Monday, April 18, 2011

The Globe, Work in progress

I'm working on a new image with Houdini 11 and Mantra, here is a work in progress image. Lot of work still needed of course, compass not shaded etc...

Last step :) :

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3D relief test

At my work I've had to make Relief render with 3dsMax & Maya, so I decided to test render also with personal picture, here is a test with my London Phonebox ! The Anaglyph version is done with the stereo cam of maya.

There is a ".mpo" file too, you can visualize the relief effect on your Nintendo 3ds without glasses ! juste copy the .mpo on your SD card, load it with your Nintendo 3ds and ... enjoy :)

Link to the .mpo : LondonPhoneBox .MPO

Any informations :

Saturday, April 9, 2011

GJ Shell sop

Here is another otl tool for houdini, a simple shell tool like the "Shell modifier" from 3dsMax.

Clic to enlarge


- In & Out shell
- Divisions In & Out
- Inset
- Apply to Primitives group


Here is a picture rendered in Houdini 11 with Mantra, I used Houdini for the whole picture, exept the sky & tree in the background done with photoshop. Some compositing done also in Nuke 6.

Houdini 11, Mantra, Nuke, Photoshop