Saturday, March 8, 2014

Houdini Engine test with Unity

Here is a work in progress tool in order to test the Houdini Engine with Unity.

This tool helps the user to create different and procedural kind of "labyrinth-type" level designs in Unity by using Houdini Digital asset ( .otl ).

  • Create 3 type of labyrinth models with Straight modules ( full instancied models), Vegetal, or "random direction vegetal".
  • Extra path inputs as houdini curves directly in Unity.
  • Project Vegetal and "Random direction vegetal" model on custom terrain mesh.
  • Create a player starting point randomly in the labyrinth.
  • Override every models used as instance to built a new labyrinth model ( Labyrinth modules or trees models for Vegetal type ).
  • Density, radius, etc. Options for vegetal labyrinth.

Video example: