Saturday, August 4, 2012

GJ Text Filter

Hi all,

Here is a new python script for maya : Text Filter.

This tool allows the user to select, hide, delete etc. Objects according to a "Text Filter" ( acting like SideFX Houdini's filter ).

GJ Text Filter v 1.0.0

How to install:

Copy the .py and .ui file in your "userFolder/documents/maya/mayaVersion/scripts"
Open a script editor then in a new python tab type:

import selectByFilter
from selectByFilter import *

Then execute it, you can also drag and drop these lines to a shelves and use the .png icon.

How the Text Filter works with the * char:

  • "*" means all objects
  • "*red*" means all object's with a name including the word red ( "Character_red_01", "reddish_object", "red" etc.)
  • "*blue" means all object's with a name finishing by "blue" ( "Character_blue", "Flower_blue", "blue" etc.)
  • "green*" means all object's with a name starting by "green" ("green_grass","green_land","green")
  • "word" means only the object which has this name ("word")

The background of the text filter field color :

  • Grey if no object matches the filter
  • Light Green if one object matches the filter
  • Green if two or more object match the filter

Other options:

Show and Hide button to hide and show objects by categories, allows also the user to isolate the selected object.

About button to have information about the tool and check update online.

Version History:

4/8/2012, Version 1.0.0:
First Release