Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Python SOP node: Connectivity merge groups

Here is a custom python SOP node which merges groups together if they are not connected to each other.

Download Connectivity Merge Groups


Pattern: Groups used as input
Ouput Groups: Create new groups with merges groups
Keep Old: Keep old groups

If interested the python source code is availaibe here: Python Source Code

Saturday, November 16, 2013

WallGen - Voronoï - Houdini otl

Here is a new tool, derived from the fist WallGen otl. This one use Voronoï noise pattern in order to create 3D rough wall.

It takes as input either a closed geo, opened geo, or curve ( must be one primitive poly or nurbs curve ).



Edit mode: Hides the wall to have very fast feedback when you change input options ( for instance size of the mesh generated from the curve input ).

Input: Switch to different kind of inputs => closed geo, opened geo, or curve.

Inset (Opened geo only): Applies inset to the input polygons

Width(Curve only): The width value of the mesh generated by the curve.

Heigth(Curve only): The heigth value of the mesh generated by the curve.

UV scale (Curve only): The scale of the uvs applied to the mesh.

Wall Controls:

Density: Density of the noise pattern

Density Attribute: Point attribute used to drive the density

Density Noise: Create a density attribute according a noise pattern (new)

Density Noise Size: Size of the noise pattern (new)

Density Noise Density: Density of the noise pattern (new)

Bias: Bias of the density attribute higher value will increase the density where the density attribute value is the higher.

Bevel: Applies bevel on the pieces generated ( relative ).

Smooth: Applies mesh smooth on pieces generated.

Erode top: Erode top of the wall according to an angle value ( N.y ) (new)

Erode angle: Angle value of erode process (new)

UV Scale: Scale the UVs applied on each pieces.

Keep Input Geo: Keep the input geo underneath the wall pieces.

Peak Geo: Peak value applied to the input geo.

Scale Geo: Uniform scale applied to the input geo ( pivot at centroid ).

Holes: Create holes on the geometry (new)


Export Groups: Put every pieces generated into a different primitive group.

Path: Output path ( must end with ".obj" )

Export: Export the mesh.

If need more help:

Friday, July 19, 2013

GJ Attribute <--> Bitmap ( Houdini )

Here are 2 little utilities, "Attribute to bitmap" and "Bitmap to attribute"

Attribute to bitmap:

Simple node which allows the user to bake attribute values to a bitmap (tga, exr, rat...).

Bitmap to attribute:

Simple SOP node which allows to read data from a bitmap to point attribute.

- use only luminance toggle
- Multiplier ( intensity )
- Output Attribute Name
- Change the class of the output attribute ( by default it's point ).

Thursday, July 18, 2013

GJ Attribute Math ( Houdini )

Here is a new utility .otl: AttributeMath

Format: Houdini .otl (Digital asset)


SOP node which allow the user to do math operation between 2 attributes.

Where A is an attribute and B is either an attribute or a constant, you can do:

- A - B
- A + B
- A * B
- A / B
- A % B (modulo)
- Remap A values according to a ramp
- Fit Range A values

Output values are stored in either attribute A or in a new attribute.



Multiply by a constant:

 Remap values by a ramp:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

GJ Attribut Visu ( Houdini )

Here is a new simple utility otl, AttributVisu.

Simple SOP node which allows the user to visualize attributs ( point, vertex, primitives and details ) in 3D view via a ramp color.
Support any type of regular / custom attributs.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

GJ Isolate Selection ( Houdini )

Here is another utiliy: Isolate selection for Houdini

This python script allows the user to isolate an object ( by hiding all others ). Then to display back the objects when you exit the isolate mode.
The script keeps in memory which nodes were displayed or hidden before the isolate process. ( it uses a hou.session python module ).

Python Script for Houdini

How to use:

- Copy the .py file in "C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini\python26\lib" or whatever python folder used by Houdini
- Create a new tool in a shelf: Right-clic -> new tool
- In tab "Script" write these two lines:

import IsolateSelection

Select an object to isolate that object by a clic on the tool just created, clic again on that tool to display back all other nodes.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

GJ Slope ( Houdini )

I'm starting a new collection of utilities otls for houdini, here is the first one, called GJ_Slope.

It's a simple node which create a custom attribut driven by the slope of a surface.


- Custom attribut name
- Ramp multiplicator
- Display value to Color ( Cd )
- Mult / Add by constant
- Invert value

Also available on sideFX asset shop.