Saturday, November 16, 2013

WallGen - Voronoï - Houdini otl

Here is a new tool, derived from the fist WallGen otl. This one use Voronoï noise pattern in order to create 3D rough wall.

It takes as input either a closed geo, opened geo, or curve ( must be one primitive poly or nurbs curve ).



Edit mode: Hides the wall to have very fast feedback when you change input options ( for instance size of the mesh generated from the curve input ).

Input: Switch to different kind of inputs => closed geo, opened geo, or curve.

Inset (Opened geo only): Applies inset to the input polygons

Width(Curve only): The width value of the mesh generated by the curve.

Heigth(Curve only): The heigth value of the mesh generated by the curve.

UV scale (Curve only): The scale of the uvs applied to the mesh.

Wall Controls:

Density: Density of the noise pattern

Density Attribute: Point attribute used to drive the density

Density Noise: Create a density attribute according a noise pattern (new)

Density Noise Size: Size of the noise pattern (new)

Density Noise Density: Density of the noise pattern (new)

Bias: Bias of the density attribute higher value will increase the density where the density attribute value is the higher.

Bevel: Applies bevel on the pieces generated ( relative ).

Smooth: Applies mesh smooth on pieces generated.

Erode top: Erode top of the wall according to an angle value ( N.y ) (new)

Erode angle: Angle value of erode process (new)

UV Scale: Scale the UVs applied on each pieces.

Keep Input Geo: Keep the input geo underneath the wall pieces.

Peak Geo: Peak value applied to the input geo.

Scale Geo: Uniform scale applied to the input geo ( pivot at centroid ).

Holes: Create holes on the geometry (new)


Export Groups: Put every pieces generated into a different primitive group.

Path: Output path ( must end with ".obj" )

Export: Export the mesh.

If need more help: