Saturday, September 18, 2010


- Houdini tool, Work in progress -

ForestGEN from Cetras on Vimeo.

"A work in progress tool, done with houdini.
For previz stuff like Forest or natural landscapes

Some Features :

- Custom terrain model.
- Noise & Custom Transform on terrain
- 3 Différents Lsystem presets ( Trees, FirTrees, Bushes ) or custom Lsystem rules ( From a .txt file ).
- Lsystem options (Steps, gravity, angle etc.).
- Custom 3D models for trees instead Lsystem.
- Custom 3D models for leafs.
- 4 channels of misc objects for stuff like rocks, dead trees etc.
- Mesh creation on Lsystem
- Shaders application on objects
- And more...

Coming soon :

- Dynamics on Lsystem