Friday, June 8, 2012

Lighting preset beta version

Hi all,

Finally here is my python script "Lighting Preset", it allows you to create presets for your lighting ( All lights, cameras and rendering parameters ), save it to a .xml file, load and share easily from a UI in maya !
Works with maya 2011 - 2012 - 2013

 Version in beta, free for download here :

To use it, you can either install the shelf in the .zip :

Copy the .mel as well as the .png file in your shelves and icons folder for instance on windows:


You will have a nez shelf "GJ_Tools" with the lighting preset ("lp") icon.

Or dowload the python script and open it with the script editor: Light Preset Python Script


The script should work on Windows, Mac and Linux, but I cant check version for mac and linux, if someone has a problem just give me a shout, thanks !

Many options available as :

- Save all lights or only selected lights
- Save only rendering parameters
- Save cameras ( Normal cameras only for now )
- Save perspective view in the preset toggle
- Save all presets in the same folder by default to reduce useless manipulations
- Load a preset from an external .xml file
- Create light objects in your scene directly from the .xml preset file
- UI dockable or not
- 3 Presets groups available
- Save preferences in order to keep options setuped as you want, even if you close maya
More help in Help.pdf

Script still in beta, for any problem, drop me an email !

Version History:

4/08/2012, version 0.4.0:
New option: Save only camera parameters option available when "Save camera param" is ON.

4/08/2012, version 0.3.9:
Minor bug fix: Proper warning message pops when preset is applied to a camera with aim.

25/07/2012, version 0.3.8
Bug fix: Preset file saved with "Only renderer" button works now well on loading.

22/07/2012, version 0.3.6:
New feature: Save / Delete / Edit Preferences file, that saves all options : Folder Path, Only selected, Save perspective, etc. even if you close Maya

21/07/2012, version 0.3.5:
Minor bugs fixed
UI improvements, now 3 groups are available as preset lists, you can rename these groups by a double-clic on the name or by the UI menu.

18/07/2012, version 0.3.0:
MentalRay Sun and Sky now supported
Cameras/ VrayCam can now be saved( See limitations for Vray cam loading)
Options added like: Help => Checking version online, to see if a new version is available or not.
Debug and Warning modes to see more informations during saving, loading and deleting process.
Few bugs fixed.

12/07/2012, version 0.2.5:
MentalRay IBL is now supported
Bug fix: More maya light attributs are now saved
"Display Warning" option added in the UI menu

11/07/2012, version 0.2.0:
Major bug fixed, you don't have to have Vray installed to save a Preset for another renderer.

12/06/2012, version 0.1.0: 
Fix: A proper dialogue pops when you load a renderer preset, asking if you wan to switch to this rendering engine.
Add: "Open preset as text" option in "Presets" menu 

11/06/2012 version 0.1.0:
Fix: "Only Selected Lights" now works fine

09/06/2012 version 0.0.5: 
First release