Tuesday, November 11, 2014

hman: Jobs management tool (beta version 0.5.0)

Hi all,

I would like to share a python tool I've been working on for several weeks now: hman ( for Houdini MAya Nuke ).

It allows you to create a stack of jobs and run them one after the other. Jobs can be:

- Maya jobs => Rendering a scene or exporting meshes to obj format. You can as well override the camera used or the render layers rendered from hman directly ( .ma file strongly advised ).

- Houdini jobs => Rendering nodes from a given hip file. Nodes supported for the moment are : Mantra nodes, comp nodes and rop output. You can select the node you want to render from hman directly.

- Nuke jobs => Writing images from a given write node ( from a nuke script) , which can be selected from hman too.

- Python jobs => Executing a Python script with a given Python interpreter.

- Batch command jobs => Can either run a .bat file or a given command with args if any ( test on window only for the moment ).

hman main user interface

This tool is written in Python, but doesn't use software python implementation directly as Hython or maya.cmds, it generates scripts and run them with the proper interpreter, this means it can be used with any Python 2.x versions. It's written using PyQt4 tho, be sure you have the right version of PyQt, compatible with the Python version you use, in the "libs" folder.

You can download the source code latest version on Github. Keep in mind it is still in beta version.

Find more infos and documentation here: hman doc

Any questions, feel free to contact me: